Temporal logic of actions

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Kristian Skylstad - Villa Faraldi - LIFE. The pieces are thus founded largely on a flow of intuitive actions and accidents, anticipating a moment of balance between method and perception in which something emerges in the ink.

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He disrupts the rhythm of the structure by means of errors in the logic of the whole, and creates unsettling hiatuses through subtle interventions in the form of overlays and gaps in the grid.

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RIV/67985840:_____/13:00392459 - The complexity of admissible rules of Łukasiewicz logic (2013)

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The logics are based on a new formalisation and semantics of the test operator of propositional dynamic logic and a representation of actions which distinguishes abstract actions from concrete actions.

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Visopt ShopFloor: On the edge of planning and scheduling [PDF] Barták, R., in Proceedings of Joint Workshop of the ERCIM Working Group on Constraints and the CologNet area on Constraint and Logic Programming on Constraint.